In 2023, the Indian Labor Welfare Federation (ILWF) was established with a noble mission: to uplift and support the informal labor sector in India. This sector, often neglected and underrepresented, comprises a significant portion of the workforce, yet its workers frequently lack access to basic benefits and protections. The ILWF is dedicated to improving the standard of living for these workers through initiatives in health, education, employment, housing, and legal rights awareness. This document outlines the ILWF's objectives, the targeted sectors, and the strategies to be implemented to achieve these goals.

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Improving health care access and quality for informal workers is a primary objective of the ILWF. This involves:

  • Providing Health Insurance : Collaborating with insurance providers to create affordable health insurance plans tailored for informal workers.
  • Health Camps and Check-ups : Organizing regular health camps to provide free check-ups, vaccinations, and medical consultations.
  • Awareness Campaigns : Educating workers on hygiene, preventive care, and nutrition to foster healthier lifestyles.


Education is a cornerstone for improving the future prospects of informal workers and their families. ILWF's educational initiatives include:

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid : Offering scholarships to children of informal workers to ensure they have access to quality education.
  • Adult Education Programs : Implementing literacy and skill development programs for adult workers to enhance their employability.
  • Partnerships with Educational Institutions : Collaborating with schools and colleges to create special programs and quotas for the children of informal workers.


Creating sustainable employment opportunities and improving working conditions are vital for the welfare of informal workers. The ILWF aims to:

  • Vocational Training : Providing skill development and vocational training tailored to the needs of various informal sectors.
  • Job Placement Services : Establishing job placement services to connect trained workers with potential employers.
  • Advocacy for Fair Wages : Working with employers and government bodies to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.


Adequate housing is fundamental to the well-being of informal workers and their families. The ILWF's housing initiatives focus on:

  • Affordable Housing Projects : Collaborating with real estate developers and government agencies to create affordable housing solutions.
  • Housing Loans and Subsidies : Facilitating access to low-interest housing loans and subsidies for informal workers.
  • Improving Living Conditions : Working on community development projects to improve the living conditions in informal settlements.

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